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  • 05
  • Feb
  • 2007
  • Unitech PA600, Winner of Gold Award, Displayed at the Arrival Hall of CKS Airport

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    Unitech PA600 is honored with the Gold Award of Symbol of Excellence Taiwan 2006. Thanks to the government support, the Unitech PA600 is displayed at the arrival hall of CKS international airport.

    The PA600 is designed for mobile workers that need a powerful device that is small enough to fit into a shirt pocket.

    Designed for retail, healthcare, hospitality and field service applications, the PA600 weighs just 290 grams making it one of the lightest devices on the market.

    For mobile applications the PA600 is one of the few rugged PDAs to offer a choice of both Windows Mobile 5.0 and Windows CE.NET 5.0 (due for release in 2007) enabling a business to choose the most suitable operating system for integration with its existing systems.

    The ergonomics of this new device have been built with the user in mind. Users will find that it fits naturally into the hand and works with them, not against them. It has fully integrated scan buttons, an easy to use keyboard, a colour screen for instant visibility, and both audible and visible good read confirmations improving productivity.

    Cost of ownership is reduced with the PA600, as it is highly rugged. It has undergone extensive testing to ensure it is able to withstand the rigours of every day professional and industrial use, where consumer grade PDAs would fail. These include multiple drop tests, repetitive key pressing and dust and moisture ingress tests. The result is a unit that is guaranteed to withstand multiple 1.2m drops and has an IP54 rating.

    Connectivity is provided by the integrated Bluetooth only or Bluetooth & 802.11b/g WLAN radios that are the standard options on both the Windows CE.Net 5.0 and Windows Mobile 5.0 models. The Windows Mobile 5.0 model also supports VOIP. RFID can be provided via the SD slot on both models, which can also be used for additional memory.

    The PA600 is packed with options and functionality not readily available from other manufacturers. It offers maximum flexibility and is designed to last a full day, both in terms of battery life and user comfort. We are expecting this device to be widely adopted in healthcare, hospitality and retail market.

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