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Linear Imager Scanner

Long Range CCD Scanner

MS340, Unitech’s latest long range CCD scanner, has been enhanced to provide reliable scanning for rugged applications in field service, industrial production and warehouse. Featuring industrial and military standards, this affordable handheld scanner delivers unparalleled performance in harsh environments. Ergonomic design Combining with a comfort grip and ergonomic design, MS340 is flexible to operate in multiple scan types: handheld mode, and presentation mode. With upgraded features that MS340 offers a long range scanning capability to improve operator efficiency, it can be used in most practical way depending on the scanning task from retail point-of sale to transportation surroundings. Superior data capture performance The next generation in 1D scanning, MS340 is equipped with advanced scanning technology that provides a superior data capture performance to boost the scan speed up to 500 scans per second for incredible responsiveness. MS340 also supports maximum compatibility by reading major 1D barcode types including UPC, EAN and GS1 DataBar, as well as damaged or poorly printed bar codes. Rugged and Reliable Featuring an IP42 environmental sealing against moisture and dust and an impressive 1.5M drop specification to concrete, MS340 is built for durability into business workforce. Moreover, MS340 barcode scanner provides a cost-effective option and it is reliable to be used for long term. Furthermore, it offers multiple interface options: Keyboard wedge, USB, RS232. With versatile capabilities, MS340 has ability to meet the demands of rigorous work environments. Features • Superior data capture performance: up to 500 scans/sec • Compact and ergonomic design • Available to read most 1D barcode types • Versatile scanning modes: supports both manual and presentation scanning. • Multi-interface Communication : USB, K/W , RS232 and USB emulation com port driver

Linear Scanner

Delivering reliable and superior data capture, MS250 handheld scanner offers excellent performance for increasing productivity even when the barcodes are damaged or poorly printed. This cost-effective and reliable handheld scanner provides the optimum combination of performance which makes it an ideal scanning tool for a wide range of market applications, such as point-of-sale, document processing, personal data identification and inventory control. Easy to operate, User friendly design MS250 is so easy to operate, just plug-and-play and connecting it to your computer with USB cable. There is no need to do any additional installation or training and it’s all set and ready to work. Moreover, featuring compact size to ensure users comfort, it is also built in extra loud beeper (90dBa) that confirms positive decode feedback in noisy environments. Aggressive Scanning Capabilities With powerful data capture performance to boost the scan speed up to 200 scans per second, MS250 handheld scanner helps users to streamline workflow and increase efficiency. In addition to be equipped with advanced scanning technology, MS250 enhances the maximum compatibility by reading major 1D barcode types including GS1 dataBar symbology, as well as damaged or poorly printed bar codes. Durable and Reliable Designed to work in tough environment, MS250 is rugged enough to withstand 1.5m drops to concrete and is reliable to be used everyday in any situations. In addition, it offers multiple interface options: Keyboard wedge, USB, RS232 and USB emulation com port driver. With versatile capabilities, MS250 is truly an affordable barcode scanner with high value. Features ·  Aggressive scan rate: up to 200 scans/sec ·  Compact size and easy to operate ·  Durable construction: 1.5M drop test to concrete ·  Available to read most 1D barcode types including GS1 dataBar symbology ·  Advanced Scanning technology reads damaged or poorly printed bar codes ·  Multi-interface Communication : USB, K/W , RS232 and USB emulation com port driver 

Compact, Easy, Efficiency

Do you need to scan barcode data into your Smartphone or Tablet app quickly and easily? Then check out the Unitech MS910 mini wireless bar code scanner.   Unitech launched its ultra compact or mini barcode reader MS910 which is being recognized as the smallest and most elegant design in its class. The MS910 is an “out of the box” data collection solution as well as a stylish accessory. It provides the convenience of wireless technology with the simplicity of a single-button scanning design which makes barcode data collection simple, reliable and efficient for all users. Furthermore, the MS910 features Unitech’s high-speed decoder paired with an aggressive scan engine which provides outstanding scanning performance up to 240 scans per second.   The MS910 weighs in at just 24.6g and is about the size of a single pack of gum. It has a 1.5 meter drop threshold and is back by a 1 year limited manufactures warranty. These features help to ensure that the MS910 provides the ideal solution for retail, healthcare and office automation application wither inside the four walls or out in the field. Beyond its versatility, the MS910 allows you to charge the internal Lithium-Ion battery by utilizing a standard USB port. The stylish and durable design with full compatibility to including Apple devices, makes the Unitech MS910 a “must have” for any mobile worker or business professional. There is no doubt that the compact MS910 is an excellent auto data collection solution which is the smallest and most elegant design in its class.   Features -Small and compact design -Mobility application by wireless data collection and transmit -Support HID and SPP connection -High capacity battery with long life -Build in 240 scans/sec high performance CCD module -Easy to integrate with host (Smart phone, Tablet & Laptop)